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Headshots Los Angeles – Brandon Michael Photography | Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a Los Angeles photographer with a passion for working with actors. I started taking photos professionally in 2006 after moving to LA from Orange County. I strive to create stunning images for actors that will help them book more roles in the  acting audition room. I’m also a working narrative filmaker under a different name with successful projects. I can discuss my experiences and give advice from behind the camera with you when we meet in person. I strive to bring my experiences from the countless casting sessions I have been involved with into my work as your photographer. Casting is mostly marketability and filling a specific type that the casting director needs to fill. It really all just boils down to a simple fact. Your headshots are your calling card to the whirlwind that is Hollywood. More actors need to understand how the whole casting process actually works. Not from the actor point of view, but from the casting directors point of view!Please take a look at the online portfolio here to see just a few samples of my actor headshots portfolio.If you are looking for a Los Angeles photographer for actor headshots or a corporate headshot photographer, please give me a call or send me an email to discuss your goals and objectives. I respond to most inquiries within a few hours. I typically shoot hundreds of photos during each session on my Canon 5D Mark III. Every headshot session is specific to your needs and to what you’re trying to accomplish. Looking for an agent? Do you have an agent who wants you to update the look in your new headshots? Or is your current headshot not getting you in the room to audition as much as you would like? Let me tell you a little fact, unless your agent knows the casting director personally, your photo that gets submitted over Breakdown Services to the indu

stry only gets about 1 second in front of the C.D. Did your headshots get their attention? If you weren’t called in, you didn’t and someone else did. So I digress, back on track here…I like to take striking headshots of actors that gets doors opened for them.

I am determined, enthusiastic and extremely passionate about my work. I strive to reach the very highest standards in creative vision and in technical practice within my work. I feel like there has been a recent decline in the last few years in style and elegance since far too many amateurs are jumping into the business to make a quick buck. There is more to this portrait art form than just purchasing the latest DSLR at a local camera store. The same thing is happening in the movie business. More work being is being created, it’s becoming saturated with a larger amount of bad work…and far less good work. Anyone can buy nice canvas and the best brushes, only artists who have worked hard at their craft can make something visionary come to life.Please take the time to know your niche and speak with your agent or manager before you make an appointment with any photographer. Are you a leading man or woman? Supporting? Are you more of a character actor? Who are you? Everyone wants to be a leading man, about 90% of the men who have

been submitted for a film I have been involved with are not leading men. But, they could play a supporting role. See what I mean? Know the strengths and weaknesses of your “look” and know your marketability. If you don’t have an agent or manager yet, we can figure this out. I have experience and can tell where you will fit in. Please do not underestimate the importance of how the business works.Take your time and look around the site for a hot minute, have a look at my portfolio and read some of the blurbs under the “you” section on the left to learn more about what  happens before and during your session. I like to have a good time while shooting, and want our headshot session to be as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for both of us…it definitely shows in the photos we capture during the session. Thanks again for visiting, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your next photo session with me. Feel free to browse my blog or read my reviews on Yelp and Google+. I look forward to working together. - Brandon Michael | Headshots Photographer



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